We hold these truths…


I ran out of holiday stamps. I do every year, even though I try to buy what I think are ample amounts of postage for a variety of seasonal festivities.  But I always underestimate.

Then I reach for the Forever stamps I purchased for letters I used to write by hand, but now mostly clack out on whatever device is handy—computer, if the letters are longer than a few lines—and send by email.

How my habits have changed.

Still, while I grouse a bit about the holidays, how exhausting the shopping and addressing all those cards is, I do love to remember people who are close to my heart, or who were simply kind, and sending cards and gifts is a way to do that.

In each card, I write small personal messages. This year, however, after I’d sealed the envelopes, and turned to those images of the American flag, I was struck by their simplicity, their power, their relevance, and realized that what I should have written in each card was,  Look at the stamp on your envelope, look at it closely, and remember  remember remember…

Freedom. Liberty. Equality. Justice.

And so, what I really want to say to you is this: whatever you celebrate, now, and especially in the coming year, I hope the Forever image, and all it represents, stays close to your heart, and that the words, the ideals, beneath it, stay closer.

Blessings and Happy Holidays.


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