I have no eloquence. No arguments, so salve to offer. Just a mass of futile longings…

…that the next time the CEO of the NRA appears on TV, the pundit or moderator, or “journalist” he is facing will read off the names of the dead, one by one, every time he opens his mouth, so that he cannot speak…that the screen, instead of bloating with his countenance and propaganda, will fill with the images of gun victims in their last moments…

…that the mail boxes, the phone lines, the office walls of every member of Congress supported by the NRA will be stuffed and papered and flooded with those images and names…

…and that the only question anyone will ever ask of them, anywhere, from now on will be this:

How many did you kill today?

How many did you kill today?

Those are my thoughts, my prayers.

©2017 All Rights Reserved



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