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…seems a world away in weeks.  Yet, it’s not.

There will be old things to go through, irritants to shed, habits to abandon in 2019.

And I will have to make lists to keep myself focused.

There will be a long list for writing projects (yes, I changed the point of view again; no, Character One is not going to have the stroke), a musical list of pieces I want to learn (finally), a list for home improvements (that runner on the staircase has GOT to go, as do the bedroom curtains—whoops, there’s another item for that list: MAKE CURTAINS; but first, find a place for the sewing machine), and there’s a list for appointments which need to be made, letters that have to be written, and more and more.

No one living I know has a birthday or anniversary in January, thank goodness, but the new calendar will have to be marked with the correct dates (which list does that go on?), and 2018’s holiday decorations will have to come down.

Did I mention the closets that have to be cleaned? The stack of books near my chair?  Or time for play or leisurely chats with friends and family? Or movies I want to see? Or reading the paper, watching the news? (Well, maybe not.) And I haven’t even addressed exercise and diet.

Oh, the lists on my desk will be many, and definitely unruly as they mount. And then I will have to make another list to prioritize them.

But that’s next year. For the moment, it’s still 2018. So, my hope for you is this:

May your lists be manageable, your holiday merry and all you wish, and your New Year sparkling with promise.

Joy, peace, and love to all.

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