The first image of a black hole, from the galaxy Messier 87. (Credit Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, via National Science Foundation)

A year or so ago I wished for a black hole. It was an impossible wish, of course, and as the months passed, I chided myself for what seemed a whimsical descent into fancy. A black hole? In my lifetime? I would never be that lucky. So, I forgot about it…until the above image appeared all over social media and the news. I knew the sight of that burning ring, with its dark, unfathomable core, should have delighted me; but it didn’t. It freaked me out.

To make matters worse, while visions of black holes mushroomed across my timelines, so, too, did a story about a woman whose eye infection was caused by sweat bees nesting in her eyelid and feeding on her tears.


Last week, I was going to respond to other media frenzies, but let the urge pass. Trust me, I had built up a nice head of steam and had plenty to say; but because I knew it would get me more blow back than I wanted, I worked and practiced instead. Better to release that steam on productive endeavors and let my literary and musical works-in-progress benefit from venting.


But now there’s that hole, those bees…

And I do not have the steam to make them less portentous in this mad, regressive time. I do not have the words. I’d rather not be freaked out by nature’s timing, nature’s metaphors; I’d rather just be awed.

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4 thoughts on “Metaphors

  1. Yes, I freaked out when I first saw the picture of the black hole. But then I told myself that the world has been OK for aeons of years even with black holes… so as Julian of Norwich said, “All shall be well…”
    As for the woman with bees in her eyes, I refused to read the whole article.

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