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Depth Perception

I miss things occasionally…or find a logical spot for something I use regularly and then drive myself crazy trying to remember where I put it. Once, I spent half an hour searching for my glasses only to find them on top of my head. I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly about it; they’re titanium wire rims and practically weightless. But still….

A couple of weeks ago I tore several rooms apart looking for a favorite nail clipper which was not in its usual shallow drawer.

Without success….

So, I bought a new one. But when I went to deposit it in its rightful place, that lovely shallow drawer, I saw the old clipper resting in the spot the new one was to occupy.

Had my glasses been on top of my head every time I opened that drawer? Had my head even been securely fastened to my neck? Because I had looked inside that space at least twice a day during the weeks I was lifting sheets of paper and magazines, and shoving aside furniture to be sure the clipper had not lodged or dropped somewhere. Yet there it was, gleaming and ready.

And so I started wondering, what else was I looking at but not seeing? Missing entirely? What other hard, stainless truth was right in front of me, yet seeming, for all the world, invisible?

There ought to be glasses for that….

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14 thoughts on “Depth Perception

  1. I so seldom lose anything that when it happens, it’s as though my brain short-circuits and I’m suddenly propelled into the dimension where nothing makes sense and chilling disbelief prevails. Honestly, the search for the missing items takes on Holy Grail quest proportions where everything else stops until I find it and universal order is restored in my brain. Generally, I do end up finding it after a few minutes’ meditation. But sometimes I don’t and then I start questioning my sanity, and it’s like a mini trauma that stays with me and I can’t shake off, can’t come to terms with. Yes, I realise I’m overreacting.

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    1. I hear you, Katia, and I understand completely. Things like this—though tiny, in the grand scheme—really mess with our heads and our perceptions of the universe. I will try meditating, though, the next time it happens. That’s a great suggestion!

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  2. LOL – Boy, do I relate! We have three nail clippers but only one – the oldest – clip your nails as desired. The others bend and flex without clipping.

    We keep these wonderful nail clippers in drawer. Well, they disappeared one day. A search commenced. Drawers were empties, pockets were checked, all the ground under the furniture was inspected on hands and knees. The clippers weren’t found. After days of failure, we gave up, telling ourselves, they’ll turn up, sooner or later.

    They did turn up, of course. I opened the drawer for something else, and there were the clippers. Grabbing them, I pulled them up for my wife to see. “Look.”

    Gasping, her eyes opening wide, like we’d found a golden egg, she said, “You found them.”

    I shook my head. “They were in the drawer.” I stared at her. “Are you pranking me? Did you put them there?”

    “No,” she said with vigorous head shakes of denial.

    I don’t know if I believe her, because if I do, how did those clippers get back into their place in the drawer? Hmmm, unless the cats did it…

    It’s another household mystery.

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    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Phew! Since we no longer have pets, I’ve taken to blaming cracks between alternate universes for missing items. I figure it’s either that or our clothes dryers have taught the furniture how to screw with us. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find a nail clipper in the dryer and a few missing socks in the clipper drawer! 🙂

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