It’s that time of year—the season of fir and spruce and garland, light and scent and spirits. We plan and shop and bake, hang wreaths on our doors, and drag ornaments and stockings out of storage. And we decorate.

I’m in awe of people whose homes sparkle for the holidays. I always wonder how they know which decorations will glitter and beckon and appear as if they were meant to be where they are. There’s a gift to choosing and arranging I don’t have. Maybe because I didn’t grow up with it, or maybe I just don’t have that gene. I wish I knew.

My house always looks off during the holidays, no matter how carefully I study what others do. There never seems to be the right place for our candles; favorite nutcracker ornaments stand like cross, unruly sentries on the mantel, and two mismatched golden wire trees look as if they’re pining for company. Every year I consider buying more of them, imagining them surrounded by a gilded forest, but it feels frivolous somehow….

Then there’s the tree, and those fragile-footed birds placed into the same position on two branches as if they are about to kiss, without being close enough to do it. I wonder if they gossip when all the lights are out, or if they merely sigh and say, “Well, here we are again.”

Yes. Here we are.

And so, I wish you forests of good company to cheer you, and a season that sparkles with love, light, and the blessings of abundant joy and well-being.

Until 2020…


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4 thoughts on “Sparkle

    • Thank you. I’m very fond of those little birds, probably more than most of the ornaments, so I will repair and repair them to keep them on the tree. Thank you, too for your holiday wishes! I hope yours are similarly joyful! I look forward to more film thoughts on your blog in the coming year!

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  1. I feel the same…never quite right. But just try to change anything that you have traditionally done and decided against. Oh, the indignation! Too bad, so sad. Done worrying! BTW I love your birds. I used to have two of those. Down to one, and I don’t think I put it on the tree. 🤪

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    • That’s exactly how I feel! I love the little birds, too, especially since we’ve had them for so many years. They’ve held up pretty well, despite all the decades of having their feet wound around tree branches, but I suspect I might have to do some serious repair to one of the little beauties after this year! 😉


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