“The House by the Railroad” (Edward Hopper)

I guess because it’s a new year, people are posting all kinds of articles about decluttering. I even posted one today, thinking it would inspire me to clean out.

I’ve never thought of myself as a big saver, but I do have my weaknesses. It’s tough to get rid of items that have sentimental value. Possessions like that develop adhesive powers, akin to what happens to nonstick frying pans when their surface wears out. Then, everything sticks to them.

Lately, and a little unnervingly, I’ve felt the waning value of intangibles in my life, a lack of pleasure derived from them, but am unsure how, or even whether I should let them go. I mean, how do you part with identity-shaping goals and activities? How do you justify shifting gears after decades of dedication to the development of certain skills? I know people have done it, simply quit and turned their attention to fresh pursuits, but, but, but…there is that adhesive…

Maybe I’m just not ready to part with an act of creation that once excited me, yet now does not, or practicing music I once loved which now sits open on the piano’s rack. Maybe I just need to spend time decluttering other areas of my life. I suppose there is value in serious sorting, determining which possessions and activities are enriching, and worth keeping, and which are stifling, and need to go. Maybe the ideas and passion will come then…or not….

There’s only one way to tell.

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