Depth Perception

I miss things occasionally…or find a logical spot for something I use regularly and then drive myself crazy trying to remember where I put it. Once, I spent half an hour searching for my glasses only to find them on top of my head. I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly about it; they’re titanium … More Depth Perception


REMEMBER Almost lost amidst dead leaves and severed limbs, a nest felled by the storm, barely more than twigs. On other walks, it would have been a mass to be avoided, side-stepped in the rain. But reason, shamed by tireless fluttering, let sentiment compel a search for life within that sodden lump, so plainly delicate … More 4/15/19

On the El’

He walked up to me, this man on the El’, a stranger, and said the Lord asked him to bless me. His suit was gray, and his tie was… I don’t recall. The essence of caramel tinged his skin, and his eyes, a feast of lime, maize, blueberry, intensified as he spoke— enticed by… what? … More On the El’