It’s Time

Like many others, for four years I have sat aghast as the Republican party sold their souls to Donald Trump for no other reasons than doing so protected their seats and served their agendas. As Trump’s lawlessness and reign of terror escalates, they continue to support him, even as he rallies his base of bigots … More It’s Time


It’s hard to avoid the irony—the titular year of perfect vision, the unraveling of once reliable norms, political structures, checks and balances, civility in all arenas, the losses of loved ones and heroes to injustice and disease. And it’s equally hard to avoid the comparison—between that titular year of sudden perfect vision, and the years … More 2020


It’s hot here, in the nineties. I haven’t yet turned on the air conditioning, but the window in my office is shut because there’s a wasp trapped between the screen and glass. At least, I think that’s where it is. It could be between the upturned blinds and screen, but I won’t check. I don’t … More Significance