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I promised myself I wasn’t going to get political again.

I’ve lived long enough to remember the Cold War, bomb drills, race riots, Vietnam, assassinations, and Watergate. They were terrible times, often seeming as if they would go on forever. Yet they didn’t. Even if it was only in small measures, reason and decency prevailed.This feels different, though. This feels familiar in the most malignant way.

It amazes me that some reasonably intelligent people are still rationalizing systematic bigotry and imprisonment, and refusing to apply the patterns of history to current events. I keep wishing they would consider those immigrant detention centers, those that are run by the government and its branches, and those that are in various stages of development, which will be run by private corporations, with a sharper, more critical eye, and ask themselves…

How long they think it will take before an insufficient number of field workers, caused by mass deportation and detention, leads to detainees being used as slave labor? And if that happens, how long it will be before those enslaved detainees are micro-chipped, so that they can be tracked? As the federal deficit grows, and cost considerations become a priority, how long before nourishment and medical care at those detention centers are withheld, before crowding and inadequate toilet facilities set up a perfect environment in which pestilence and disease can run rampant?

What do they suppose the administration’s response will be to that, in view of their frank loathing of certain groups? And in centers run by private corporations where the only interest is profit? Will CEOs look for ways to recoup their expenditures by striking deals with pharmaceutical companies eager for submissive test subjects?

If they think that’s an exaggeration, that it will never happen, I hope they would at least remember Puerto Rico, where, at last count, close to 5,000 people have died from causes related to last year’s hurricanes after help and supplies were cut off.

There are many paths to genocide.

Too many.

And with the Supreme Court’s 6/26 ruling on the travel ban, we’ve gone miles on one of them.

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