I promised myself I wasn’t going to get political again. I’ve lived long enough to remember the Cold War, bomb drills, race riots, Vietnam, assassinations, and Watergate. They were terrible times, often seeming as if they would go on forever. Yet they didn’t. Even if it was only in small measures, reason and decency prevailed.This … More Descent

The Color of….

THE COLOR OF…. It is not rose, much more like snow that coats each velvet petal, or dims an apple’s blush, the pear’s suggestive charm. Nor is it fire, for each hypnotic flame dispels the notion once contained, no, more like glass, it is, transparent, hard, and always set to crack. It is not grass … More The Color of….

One Veteran

He was a gentle man who risked his life to fight fascism. He didn’t have to. His vision was so bad it could have prevented him from serving. But he went anyway, because of the stakes, the threat to the world, to humanity. When he was injured in battle, he received the Purple Star. Twelve … More One Veteran