Ghosts, aliens, psychopaths, and a few touches of comedy—what to watch on Halloween. Boo. The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Dir. James Whale (based on a novel by Mary Shelley)  I have only been able to watch this film twice.  What could be more terrifying than finding your creator has abandoned you? That every chance for … More Frights


That moment, that breathtaking moment when you reach the last scene in film—the parting shot, the final words, and you think, Yes: the sighs, tears, laughter, nails-in-palms, extra helping of popcorn,  hours stolen from work or chores or whatever were all so worth it. There is an intimacy to being in the dark in that … More Portals

Artistic Vision

(From Beyond Willow Bend, November 20, 2012) In Shadows and Ghosts, the main character, a filmmaker, is suspected of being mentally ill when she suffers a near fatal heart attack as the result of trying to survive on the same meager rations as the homeless subjects of a documentary she has been making. She doesn’t … More Artistic Vision