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Depth Perception

I miss things occasionally…or find a logical spot for something I use regularly and then drive myself crazy trying to remember where I put it. Once, I spent half an hour searching for my glasses only to find them on top of my head. I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly about it; they’re titanium wire rims and practically weightless. But still….

A couple of weeks ago I tore several rooms apart looking for a favorite nail clipper which was not in its usual shallow drawer.

Without success….

So, I bought a new one. But when I went to deposit it in its rightful place, that lovely shallow drawer, I saw the old clipper resting in the spot the new one was to occupy.

Had my glasses been on top of my head every time I opened that drawer? Had my head even been securely fastened to my neck? Because I had looked inside that space at least twice a day during the weeks I was lifting sheets of paper and magazines, and shoving aside furniture to be sure the clipper had not lodged or dropped somewhere. Yet there it was, gleaming and ready.

And so I started wondering, what else was I looking at but not seeing? Missing entirely? What other hard, stainless truth was right in front of me, yet seeming, for all the world, invisible?

There ought to be glasses for that….

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