Salt and Pepper

I remember where I was on September 11th, 2001. We’d come back from a wonderful visit with family in California barely a week before. I was still in its afterglow, as I was still in the long afterglow of four months in Budapest. Fall was approaching, my favorite time of year. It was a beautiful, … More Salt and Pepper

bubble universe

A bubble would be nice, don’t you think? With the current flu epidemic, it would be really nice. I could wrap myself up, knowing I’d be safe from airborne microbes just waiting to invade my throat and lungs, and venture out into the world without a care. Of course, the bubble would have to be … More bubble universe


I have no eloquence. No arguments, so salve to offer. Just a mass of futile longings… …that the next time the CEO of the NRA appears on TV, the pundit or moderator, or “journalist” he is facing will read off the names of the dead, one by one, every time he opens his mouth, so … More Words