I spend most of every Sunday with crossword puzzles. Our local paper has three of them, with different levels of difficulty. After solving the Jumble and Sudoku, which I consider a warm-ups for my brain, I tackle the mid-level crossword, because it’s the shortest, then move on to the difficult one. By day’s end, I’ve completed all of them…and by Monday morning I’m looking for more word games.

Scrabble satisfies one craving, Words with Friends another. But I’m always left with the need to dig into a puzzle, one that will keep me going for a while. Puzzle books fulfill some of those needs, and reading literature more. But, but, but…

What happens when I’ve done the last, read the last word? Oh, there will be more puzzles to come, more books read, but in the meantime, to plug the gaps, there are apps.

I’ve been through many of them, with differing degrees of satisfaction, abandoning them when they cease being entertaining; but last week I tried a new one, and spent several hours over five days with it.

Then I deleted it.

Why? It told me the word fetish is not in the dictionary.

Not something you say to a word addict. EVER.

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I’m not going to talk about writing.

There are these bones, you see, almost 32,000 of them, strung together in a fairly reasonable order.

I think they will function well. All the joints are properly connected, in the right places—foot, ankle, shin, knee, and so on. It took a bit of effort. A few bones didn’t seem to fit, and had to be moved. Bones do have their logic.

And now that they’re properly fashioned, as bones should be, they look, well, skeletal.

They need padding.

I can’t put a suit or a dress on them yet. It won’t hang right. A skeleton need padding first, and then layers.

There’s a long list beside me, getting longer by the minute. I leave the desk, and five new items for the list occur to me, and five more, which will layer nicely on those bones.

But for now, I plan to let them hang around unbothered for a couple of weeks, so they can get used to their assembly, settle in to their identity.

Bones like that.

Yes, they do.

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