Sticks and Stones

The bunny is staying far from that tree limb. It has the right idea. I look at the ground when I walk, not really what you’re supposed to do. Bad posture, alignment, and all that. But I don’t care. During the summer, I made the mistake of looking up, away from where I was stepping … More Sticks and Stones


I have my favorites: cicadas, which are big and noisy and easily confused into slapstick maneuvers when they occasionally wind up indoors; moths, which must be escorted out before they head for the closet to multiply; spiders, which eat mosquitoes that sneak inside for pre-dawn attacks; crickets, which like to show off by leaping into … More Bugs


I’ve been thinking about this hole, its depth, its sanctuary in a hostile environment. We used to live in caves, where we could be safe from storms and predators. We were close to our instincts then, our primitive natures, and used them to survive. But in evolving, we have, perhaps, lost our understanding of how … More Dens