The Beginning

What is the story I want to tell? Where do I start? There’s the town, the shop, the house, the pianos, the letters, Sandra…. …and the man, my God, the man…. *** I didn’t come from here. My mother and I left the Hungarian city where I was born in July of 1938. She died … More The Beginning


I’m taking a sanity break. Or maybe not. Someone posted the painting above on Twitter and it’s been haunting me…which is perfect, I guess, for my new—truthfully, not-so-new—novel about a woman, a house, two pianos, and a man. Over the past ten years, the novel has gone through so many incarnations I’ve lost count. But … More Screensaver

Halloween Reads

These books, their stories, their characters lingered…. Oh, how perfectly haunting! The Portrait of Jennie (Robert Nathan) — While the film version of this novella about a struggling artist who finds his muse in a rapidly aging girl is lovely, melancholy, and romantic, it does not convey the foreboding of time out of joint that … More Halloween Reads