I’m taking a sanity break. Or maybe not. Someone posted the painting above on Twitter and it’s been haunting me…which is perfect, I guess, for my new—truthfully, not-so-new—novel about a woman, a house, two pianos, and a man. Over the past ten years, the novel has gone through so many incarnations I’ve lost count. But … More Screensaver

Halloween Reads

These books, their stories, their characters lingered…. Oh, how perfectly haunting! The Portrait of Jennie (Robert Nathan) — While the film version of this novella about a struggling artist who finds his muse in a rapidly aging girl is lovely, melancholy, and romantic, it does not convey the foreboding of time out of joint that … More Halloween Reads


Fern, a psychiatrist with food and family issues, must evaluate the sanity of her newest patient, Ida Mae, a snarky college professor who has starved herself into cardiac arrest for the sake of artistic empathy. At their sessions, Fern is purely professional, but afterward…. Fern kicks the wastebasket under her desk so hard that the … More Baggage