Fern, a psychiatrist with food and family issues, must evaluate the sanity of her newest patient, Ida Mae, a snarky college professor who has starved herself into cardiac arrest for the sake of artistic empathy. At their sessions, Fern is purely professional, but afterward…. Fern kicks the wastebasket under her desk so hard that the … More Baggage


That moment, that breathtaking moment when you reach the last scene in film—the parting shot, the final words, and you think, Yes: the sighs, tears, laughter, nails-in-palms, extra helping of popcorn,  hours stolen from work or chores or whatever were all so worth it. There is an intimacy to being in the dark in that … More Portals


I was asked to write something about my mother. Considering the critical role mothers play in Shadows and Ghosts—Edna, Judith, one Jewish, the other Gentile, it’s odd that I haven’t done it before. But these are my thoughts, random, strung a bit haphazardly…. In many ways she was like both Edna and Judith; in others, … More Peppers