So, COVID-19.

It’s enough to drive us out of our heads. I fully appreciate the need for hand sanitizer and soap and wipes and alcohol and hydrogen peroxide and pasta and rice and canned tuna and toilet tissue and and and…

We need to stock up, the experts have said, and I’ve taken them as seriously as everyone else who is freaked out by the virus, but….

Lately, against my own self-interest, I’ve ventured out of my head in a way that’s brought the number of seniors in my life into sharp focus, and I started wondering if they had enough hand sanitizer and soap and cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods and personal hygiene products to last for a couple of weeks, since I know, as I know for myself, spending time in a crowded grocery store, on line next to someone who is coughing or sneezing, would put them at risk. So, I started checking in with them.

I don’t generally like to give advice. My mother, may she rest in peace, used to say, Advice you give for nothing is worth exactly that. Judging by how many people have taken my gratis advice over the years, she had a point. But, because she also taught me the value of sharing, and being of service, I would like to offer the following…

If you have people in your lives—parents, relatives, neighbors, or friends—who are at high risk for serious infection, take a minute or two to see if they need anything. And if they do, and it’s within your power to help them get it, please do.

Thank you.

Stay well.

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Testing, Testing….


Cookies by Laura Fortune

I taste everything before I serve it to guests. It’s a necessity since I like to experiment and rarely use a cookbook, except occasionally as a guide to how much of this and how much of that I need to add if I’m concocting a dish or dessert I’ve never tried before. Cooking is chemistry, after all, and I wouldn’t want anything to collapse, or worse, blow up, metaphorically speaking, of course.

I even have my husband taste my creations, to verify they are company-ready. I want my offerings to reflect how much I care about those I’m serving. I’m not a warm and fuzzy person. Nor am I physically demonstrative, overly affectionate. But when it comes to food, I give freely and lavishly. For me, food is as profound and physical an expression of love as a kiss or hug. Food should not only nourish; it should arouse, delight, affirm, and satisfy on the deepest levels. So, I would never offer anyone less than my best. Ever.

The same is true with writing. I can’t say that everything that appears here will be brilliant, but it will have been read and read and read and tested and held and tested again before it is offered. And if it is found lacking after it has been posted, it will be revised, or even removed. Because I would never offer anyone less than my best, ever.

Unfortunately, sometimes, although we plan to finish work in a timely fashion, life interferes and prevents it. We carve out time and then the interruptions come. Little ones, big ones, ones that distract and demand our focus elsewhere.

Life has no respect for creative impulses, creative output.

I’ve been meaning to finish the story of that little bird with sequins on his wings. We all need Whimsy in our lives, especially now. But because life has distracted me, demanded that I focus my attention elsewhere, I can’t give his story the attention it deserves. I could probably hack something out and post it, but it wouldn’t be worth reading—it wouldn’t arouse, delight, affirm, or satisfy. It would be the equivalent of serving you styrofoam.

So, rather than taunt you with unfinished work, morsels that promise a whole meal but leave you empty, I’ve removed Parts I and II.

Whimsy will come back, I promise. Hopefully, sooner than later. And when his story does, it will have been thoroughly taste-tested and approved for consumption.

Because I am so grateful for your interest, your comments, your kindness. Because I would never offer you less than my best.


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