It was a Friday, not just the end of the term, but the end of the academic year, and the day of the final exam in Intro to English Literature. Final papers were due on Monday. Many of the students decided to give me their papers early, thinking they’d have a nice weekend, and put … More Caught


“Never look back Or you’ll be caught back there In a circling woods” (From “The Red Pom-Pom” by Emilie Glen) …but I have looked back. You don’t forget people who were kind to you, who encouraged, inspired, taught you to observe through a squint, or prism, or mist, who made the world new. Emilie Glen … More Emilie


(From Beyond Willow Bend, January 31, 2013) My example reappeared—a video I’ve been longing to share.  Once, I blinked and it was gone, and now it’s back, which is fortunate because it perfectly illustrates the kind of moment those of us who love to teach cherish. Of course, I could rely on a story about … More Discovery