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The Bigger they are….

So, if you happened to be shopping, or viewing, or listening on Amazon today, you may have hit a snag with your cart or streaming, or just trying to sign in.

I suppose it’s typical for some of us, but I thought it was me. I mean, that is my default setting if something goes wrong. It MUST be me (or, in this case, my old equipment). But, after hours of troubleshooting, resetting devices, reinstalling software, updating, cursing, and nearly pitching my phone AND computer out a window when nothing worked, I did a simple search and discovered that Amazon had crashed…globally.

What I felt was something like relief…and then annoyance—at myself for not realizing sooner that my gadgets and I weren’t the problem, at COVID-19 for making me so damned dependent on the internet for STUFF, and at Amazon for dominating commerce and our lives.

There’s more that’s ticking me off, but I’ll leave it there. There’s too much of the day left to spend it on griping. Better to spend it reading a book.


Note to self: the adage is true. The giants DO fall harder. Don’t get caught under the rubble.


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